Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Changes are coming!

It looks like this will be available to be by winter break hopefully!  Continue to use this blog until I inform you otherwise!

All of the elementary schools and the district site will be moving to new websites in the next few months.  These new Edline websites will have great capabilities, including the option to translate into numerous languages.  Additionally, as we move to "go green" we will no longer be sending numerous flyers home with every child.  Each new building website and our newsletters will contain a link to a "virtual backpack" that will house all of the community flyers that are approved by the District.  Please check the "virtual backpack" on a regular basis for information on local events and activities.  We recognize that some families will want to request paper copies.  Please inform the office if you need paper copies.  Thank you for your patience as we move to these new systems.

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